Midface Lift

The midface lift can be performed either on its own or in combination with a lower eyelid lift (either under local anaesthesia in the context of outpatient treatment or under general anaesthesia). “Eye bags” and “looking tired” are the motives most often reported by patients coming to our clinic for a consultation.

Surgical technique

If the midface is sagging, the same access route as in a lower eyelid lift (lower blepharoplasty) can be followed to apply a preparation technique to the bone and then below the periosteum to the nasolabial fold. In rare cases, assisted access is from the mouth above the upper row of teeth (oral vestibule). This allows a complete mobilization and anatomically correct repositioning of the soft tissue. There are several options for fixation, such as on the outer margin of the eye socket (lateral orbits), the lower margin of the eye socket (infraorbital margin) or by means of a small facelift incision.

Arcus marginalis release

In an arcus marginalis release, all three fat pads in the region of the lower eyelid are extracted, placed in the lower eyelid/midface region for filling (“sliding fat pads”) and temporarily fixed in place by means of so-called removal sutures. The removal sutures are secured using Steri-Strips and removed after three days at the latest.