The number of laser epilation procedures in the back region of male patients has increased significantly.

The amount of body hair is genetically conditioned and can be a nuisance both hygienically and aesthetically. Since masculine hormones predominate, body hair growth is usually more pronounced in men than in women, but can also be dominant in women due to different genetic or hormonal influences. A survey of our patient collective shows that he desire to remove hair (epilation) in the back, shoulder and neck regions has increased significantly..

Although the trend of wearing a beard continues and chest hair is also in fashion again, more than 75% of men regularly remove the hair in the genital region and armpits.. reams, wax and wet shaving are the preferred methods of hair removal. The number of male clients asking for permanent removal of back hair, for instance with an IPL laser or Nd-YAG laser, has increased by 20% every year at our Centre for Plastic Surgery.

Depending on the extent of hair growth, 3 to 4 treatment sessions at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks are recommended, as the hair is subject to different growth cycles and waiting is necessary until every hair can be detected by the laser.

Do you have any questions concerning hair removal on the back oder anderen Körperpartien? or in other regions of the body? We will be happy to give advice and look forward to you contacting us.

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