Welcome to the Centre for Plastic Surgery in Kreuzlingen on Lake Constance. Our field of work includes surgical and non-invasive solutions for ageing processes, personal individual dissatisfaction, after accidents, tumours and congenital malformations. A special focus is on interdisciplinary co-operation.

In the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery, we provide comprehensive information, a wide spectrum of surgical and non-invasive options, and individual image counselling in professional and personal setting.

The needs and demands of men are continually increasing. Both conventional wrinkle treatment and surgery make up a share of 20% in this group receiving treatment from us. Men are invited to receive personal advice during the consultation hours of our Clinic for the Gentleman.

Please contact us! Dr. Volker Wedler will answer your enquiries in person within 24 hours.

«You can’t buy happiness but you can buy aesthetic surgery.»

(Dr. Volker Wedler)

Antonia Regnier Dermatologin

Your dermatologist at the Skin Laser Center

In our dermatology consultation, our specialist Dr. Antonia Regnier will examine and advise you. The dermatological consultation covers the wide range of skin diseases, skin cancer screening as well as aesthetic and dermatological treatment with laser, autologous blood injections, botulinum toxin and fillers.

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Aesthetic surgery

Particular empathy and deep technical expertise are our strengths in the field of aesthetic surgery. This field is concerned with preventing the ageing process and improving the outward appearance.

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V-Cosmetic Products Family

V Cosmetic

V COSMETIC is a line of innovative care and regeneration products which are absorbed quickly after having been applied and build up, protect and refresh the skin for hours.

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