Fat injection (lipofilling)

The potential of the adipose tissue for the healing of problem areas and the filling (augmentation) of “bumps”, “folds” and “irregularities” caused by ageing or other surgery/conditions is extremely high.
An advantage is that the autologous tissue can be used for “filling”, therefore minimising the complication risk. For this purpose, fat is conventionally removed in a defined area, e.g. in the median region of the thighs, the knees, the buttocks or the abdominal region (liposuction), then collected in a sterile environment (collection) and injected into the region of treatment in a closed process (antibacterial procedure). At our centre, lipofilling is primarily used to balance a negative volume in the face (as an alternative e.g. to hyaluronic acid treatment), following breast surgery or if “natural” breast augmentation is desired. The “take rate” of the repositioned adipose tissue using the latest techniques is approx. 70%. The patients are informed that, for this reason, 2-3 treatment sessions may be necessary. If the procedure is for purely aesthetic reasons, patients need to cover the costs themselves; in case of treatment of consequences of a disease or an accident, the costs can be forwarded to the health insurance.
The duration of surgery, the anaesthetic procedures and the costs depend on the size of the region of treatment.