About Dr. Wedler

Dr. Volker Wedler’s career in plastic surgery spans more than 20 years. In addition to the large number of performed surgical procedures, his specialisations and research publications are documented in many national and international publications and presentations – see the list of publications. After working as the head and chief physician of a department for plastic surgery for 8 years, in 2013 he decided to establish his own practice in order to be able to focus more on the individual needs of his patients. In addition, Dr. Wedler is invited for advanced training and teaching sessions in Kuwait, Riyadh, Kiev and other cities on a regular basis. Another focus is his work in countries in the third world and in conflict zones, having led surgical missions in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burkina Faso and the Gaza Strip on a regular basis since 1993. Dr. Wedler is a co-founder of “Interplast Switzerland” www.interplast-switzerland.ch