Pimples – get rid of them

The grief because of festering pimples know young and old people. Pimples are caused and negatively influenced by various factors. Manipulations such as “squeezing”, but also hormonal status, smoking, diet, many sweets, heredity and some more. Most people have the impulse to squeeze pimples, not knowing that bacteria on the skin surface are easily brought inside, making the situation much worse. Often large, purulent abscesses are formed, which in extreme cases can even lead to blood poisoning with fever and thus to serious illness. Often there are different causes behind it: inflamed hair follicles, clogged pores in acne, atheromas and more.

Don’t be afraid to come to us if pimples plague you: so that we can support you in terms of dermatological education, medicinal and optimal surgical treatment. We have been able to get rid of many pimples in the past and will be happy to assist you in getting this problem under control for the long term.

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