Reliable co-operation partners are necessary for work in conflict zones. For several years, Air France has transported our medical team and material to Ouagadougou and Ouahigouya/Burkina Faso.


For more than 16 years, I have exclusively used botulinum toxin A (Vistabel) by Allergan for the treatment of dynamic facial wrinkles and heavy underarm sweating. The safety and satisfaction of my patients are what matters most.


The kit by Arthrex is a special product used to obtain sterile, highly concentrated platelet-rich plasma (PRP), particularly for injection into joints.


New products for breast augmentation. The new B-lite silicone implants use so-called hollow particles (microscopic spheres filled with air) in combination with silicone, which results in reduced weight at the same volume. This reduced burden is noticeable with increasing age in all consequences of gravity.

Esthetic Med

esthetic med

Medical practice requires constant innovations and updates on medical-aesthetic products, which I get from esthetic med, among others. Due to their quick service and the high quality offered, this co-operation has continued for many years.

Thread lift for facial rejuvenation
Defining facial contours



The hyaluronic acid products by Galderma are the most successful and experienced “fillers” for the treatment of light to deep wrinkles on the face, rejuvenation of the back of the hand, filling of lips and improvement of symptoms of deterioration of the finger joints.

All these products are based on the NASHA™ technology – a biotechnological manufacturing process developed by the company and protected by patents. The acronym NASHA stands for Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid.

Logo Lasermed


I have co-operated with Lasermed, based in Roggwil/TG, Switzerland, for more than 8 years. I have already procured 2 generations of the DEKA and Lumenis laser systems from them. The excellent quality of their devices and their diligent services have always met my expectations.

MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack

For the immediate reconstruction of skin defects (subcutaneous tissue replacement), I have used Matriderm by MedSkin Solutions Dr. Suwelack AG for many years. Whether for burn injuries, scalding injuries, abrasions, frostbite, complications following aesthetic or other surgical procedures or post skin tumours – Matriderm is my method of choice. In addition, I present the company’s products as their adviser in Kuwait City and Riyadh on a regular basis.



For breast augmentation or breast reconstruction, I only use the best silicone breast implants. I have visited the company’s factory in the Netherlands in person and have witnessed the quality of implant manufacturing. Accordingly, I can report on the very high safety of the products and the absolute satisfaction of my patients.


Motiva Implants

Motiva Ergonomix is the first breast i