Ear surgery (otoplasty)

Typical “protruding ears” are usually congenital, and the cause is either excess cartilage (hyperplasia) or an excessive angle in case of normal tissue distribution.
Ear surgery (otoplasty) should be performed either prior to reaching school age or, following puberty, as a young adult. It may occur quite frequently, however, that adults (of all ages) decide to have the surgery performed belatedly.
Depending on the findings, the access point is behind the ear, with minimal skin resection, and weakening of the cartilage either from behind, but sometimes also from the front, or removal of excess cartilage. This is followed by marking of a new “groove” and stabilization by permanent threads. These threads are also secured to the periosteum behind the ear. For protection, a circular bandage is applied for 5 days and wearing a headband for 2-3 weeks is recommended.