Classes: Treatment with botulinum toxin A and hyaluronic acid

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These are hand on training, botulinum toxin A & filler. Level: Starter + advanced Course location is either in the training centre or in-house at the colleagues. Dr. Wedler is a long-time instructor for the treatment of dynamic - and gravidation wrinkles, volume asymmetries and much more, especially using Botolinum Toxin A, fillers as well [...]

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High-tech breast implants

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As one of the first physicians in Switzerland, Dr. Volker Wedler uses a completely new type of high-tech breast implants. He is convinced of the quality of this innovative product. Interviewed on the issue of breast augmentation, he says: “Besides the choice of surgeon, the key to successful surgery is the decision which product among [...]

Removal of male back hair

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The number of laser epilation procedures in the back region of male patients has increased significantly. The amount of body hair is genetically conditioned and can be a nuisance both hygienically and aesthetically. Since masculine hormones predominate, body hair growth is usually more pronounced in men than in women, but can also be dominant in [...]

The lightweight of silicone implants

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Regardless of age – the reduced elasticity of the connective tissue is at the centre of our everyday work as plastic surgeons. Questions concern prevention and remedies for so-called sagging in all regions of the body. Besides upper eyelid lifting and liposuction, breast augmentation remains the most frequent aesthetic procedure. In addition to the choice [...]

NOIVA Forum 2017 “Umdenken, anders handeln”

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“When the wind of change blows, some will build walls while others will build windmills.” Chinese proverb On Sunday, 7 January, the NOIVA Foundation held its second forum “Umdenken, anders handeln” at the Reithalle in Winterthur, Switzerland. The migrant crisis was the main focus of the conference: Renowned national and international speakers discussed which roles [...]

Giving children a face

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In the newspaper “Kreuzlinger Nachrichten” of 17 November 2016, Dr. med. Volker Wedler reports on his work as a surgeon for the aid project “Interplast Switzerland”, providing assistance in the form of plastic surgery in developing countries. Since 2008, Dr. Wedler has travelled to developing countries together with other experienced surgeons, anaesthetists and surgical nurses [...]

Pain in the finger joints?

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In the newspaper “Kreuzlinger Nachrichten” of 30 June 2016, Dr. med. Volker Wedler reports on the therapeutic options in cases of inflammatory processes in the joints. His specific experience with the injection of autologous fat and growth factors is described here. Autologous fat does not only act as a buffer, but also shows a high [...]