Regardless of age – the reduced elasticity of the connective tissue is at the centre of our everyday work as plastic surgeons. Questions concern prevention and remedies for so-called sagging in all regions of the body.

Besides upper eyelid lifting and liposuction, breast augmentation remains the most frequent aesthetic procedure.

In addition to the choice of surgeon, the key to successful surgery with the best outcome is the decision which product among the numerous currently commercially available silicone implants should be preferred.

The techniques for breast augmentation have evolved each year for the last 40 years. Despite the different negative reports in the media, the safety of silicone implants has constantly been improved. And despite substantial progress in autologous fat breast augmentation, 90% of these breast augmentations are still performed with silicone implants. Advantages are currently still the better predictability of outcomes and the shorter healing time.

Until now, the following also applied: The larger the selected silicone implants, the heavier the burden to be carried by the patient and ultimately by the connective tissue of the breast and the surrounding skin.

The new B-lite© silicone implants use so-called hollow particles (microscopic spheres filled with air) in combination with silicone, which results in reduced weight at the same volume. This reduced burden is noticeable with increasing age in all consequences of gravity. According to the manufacturer, the microscopic spheres are very stable and can withstand both the pressure increase when diving and the differences in pressure experienced when flying.

In consultation, much time will be dedicated to the optimal selection of silicone implants in addition to detailed information on surgical technique, potential complications and behaviour during the early healing phase.

Although B-lite© implants are slightly more expensive compared with competitor products, they can offer substantial benefits for various indications.

Dr. Volker Wedler, Kreuzlingen, 2 April 2017