“When the wind of change blows, some will build walls while others will build windmills.”
Chinese proverb

On Sunday, 7 January, the NOIVA Foundation held its second forum “Umdenken, anders handeln” at the Reithalle in Winterthur, Switzerland. The migrant crisis was the main focus of the conference: Renowned national and international speakers discussed which roles the Swiss people can and should assume in the context of the current challenges.

On this occasion, Dr. med. Volker Wedler talked about his work for Interplast Switzerland in a panel discussion.

See a short film on the forum of 7 January 2017, with Volker Wedler talking between the time marks 5:10 and 6:12.

For excerpts of the reports at the NOIVA Forum, including Volker Wedler’s, see here: Download the PDF.

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