Vaginal entrance

Awareness of and interest in treatment and surgery of the female genital region are increasing. Over the last years, there has been a positive change in willingness to talk about problems and to counteract them. It is differentiated whether the problem concerns the labia minora, the labia majora or the vaginal entrance (introitus). The labia can substantially increase in size during puberty or menopause (hormonal impact), so that they represent a handicap during cycling, other physical activities, when wearing swimwear or during sexual intercourse. The excess skin can also completely envelop the clitoris, causing similar discomfort.
As a consequence of hormonal or infectious impact, the vaginal entrance can form scar-like strands which result in secondary symptoms, particularly pain during intercourse.

There are many different surgical techniques available, which can be adapted to suit the individual situation. Potential complications and limitations, particularly in the early stages of healing, will be addressed in detail during the informed consent discussion.