Rejuvenation by means of injections into the genital region

The rejuvenation is a treatment to improve the skin and mucosa in the female genital region (rejuvenation in terms of moisturizing and/or lifting).

Aging (atrophy) of the skin and mucosa can be found on the entire body. Discussion and treatment of decreased elasticity and wrinkle formation on the face and hands are widely accepted. On the other hand, the same treatment in the genital region remains a taboo issue. Nonetheless, there is an increasing demand for therapeutic rejuvenation of the vaginal skin (and mucosa). This can be achieved with good success by means of PRP and hyaluronic acid preparations. The vaginal entrance and the mucosa of the vagina are lifted, moisturization is increased and quality of life can be improved.

While local anaesthesia is usually sufficient for these treatments, they can also be performed under general anaesthesia. Please obtain the information you need on how the treatment is performed, as well as on risks and costs.

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