Trigger finger (stenosing tenosynovitis)

Trigger finger (annular ligament split)

Upon entering the hand, all flexor tendons are pressed to the fingers by “annular ligaments” in order to transfer the force specifically to each finger. The tendons are located in a tunnel to allow them to move. For various reasons, injuries (due to pressure, vibration or other causes), swelling and general conditions can increase the circumference of the tendons and the tendon sheaths can increase and make “sliding” underneath the annular ligaments more difficult or even impossible, which may be accompanied by substantial pain. In addition, a “clicking” or “snapping” phenomenon often occurs when the enlarged tendon can still just slide through the constricted annular ligament.

Any finger can be affected by this. Initially, injections of local anaesthetic and/or cortisone may help. If this therapy does not help, surgery is indicated, the cost of which will be covered by health insurance.

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