Carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve syndrome & similar conditions


The pinching of peripheral nerves (outside of the brain and spinal cord) can occur because of natural anatomic constrictions (so-called CTS), after accidents (e.g. malposition of bones, in scar tissue, etc.), in the context of certain conditions (e.g. diabetes mellitus, due to rheumatism, etc.), because of swelling (oedemas) and also during pregnancy.

The most common symptoms are “numbness” of fingers (carpal tunnel syndrome), tingling sensation, electrisation and pain. “Constrictions” and “pinching” of this type occur more frequently in certain preferential anatomic locations in the body, e.g. on the ulnar nerve in the elbow region, on the median nerve in the wrist, and in the region of the palms (carpal tunnel syndrome), on the peroneal nerve in the lateral knee region of the lower leg, but they can also occur in any other region of the body.

The surgical techniques differ from region to region and we will perform them, following a detailed informed consent discussion and neurological assessment, under local or general anaesthesia.
Since the described medical conditions are recognized by health insurance companies, they will cover the cost of surgery. Our department for plastic surgery offers specialized treatment for patients with hand disorders or injuries. Please contact us for your individual consultation.