The lipofilling technique can be applied to any body region.
This technique removes adipose tissue from other body regions by means of liposuction and injects it into the treatment region using a sterile process. This technique is suitable for the filling of ageing processes involving a volume deficit, e.g. on the face and in case of “bumps” which may be the result of extensive liposuction or accidents. The informed consent discussion will include the explicit statement that the take rate cannot be guaranteed and potentially 1-3 sessions will be required to achieve the treatment goal. It is not possible to transplant an unlimited amount of adipose tissue, as the tissue must primarily develop a vascular connection and consequently sufficient perfusion. A take rate of 50-80% is stated in the literature, which matches our own experience. The major benefit of this method is the use of natural autologous tissue without the risk of a rejection reaction. Combining it with the PRP technique (platelet-rich plasma) may improve the take rate of the adipose tissue.