Large breasts – a heavy burden

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Dr. med. Volker Wedler reports on this issue in the newspaper “Thurgauer Nachrichten” and recommends to no longer carry the burden of excessively large breasts. In addition to their function in breastfeeding, the breasts are one of the most important female sexual organs. Women of all ages should pay particular attention to cancer prevention. Excessively [...]

Questions and answers on PRP treatment

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PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma: Innovative and regenerative skin therapy for regeneration and rejuvenation. Top athletes have been favouring PRP injections after injuries for a long time because of its positive healing effect in case of muscle, tendon and joint injuries. The symptoms of the injury improved over a very short time or spontaneous healing [...]

The causes of swollen legs

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Read the current report by Dr. Volker Wedler, first published in the newspaper Kreuzlinger Nachrichten on 10 March 2016, on the topic of swollen legs and their causes. Swollen legs can be caused by venous stasis or lymphostasis, or by increased accumulation of fluid in and around the adipose tissue. This lipoedema almost exclusively affects [...]

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